Whirlpool Auto Dry Cycle

Some information on two Whirlpool built dryers and the automatic cycle. Copies from the Q&A forum discussion....

**My Kenmore Dryer Model # 110.96281100 runs and heats great, but When the timer is set to automatic (*) mode the timer does not turn at all and the dryer runs constantly. When the timer is set to the time mode let's say 40 minutes the timer counts down and moves toward zero but does not turn off.**

Often could be a bad operating thermostat, poor air flow causing dryer heat to cycle on the wrong thermostat, venting/vent hood, bad wire.

A common "auto cycle" copy...

**The AUTO cycle is a little different. The operating thermostat cycles off and the power is redirected to the timer motor to advance the timer to the off position. There is no power to the timer motor until the thermostat cycles the heat off and then that power is directed to the timer motor. If your timer will not advance in timed and auto dry...probably a bad timer or wire. If your timer will not advance in AUTO dryer but will advance in timed dryer...problem is normally not your timer.**

When the operating thermostat opens the power is shunted through a resistor ( up beside timer ) for the timer motor advancing power....if this resistor fails the auto dry advancing would fail...

**I'm having that same problem...but one thing I would add in my case would be that once I open the door it will not run when I close it back, unless I push the start button. Then it will continue to run without heating although the timer knob is at a stop position. My first thought was the timer but I'm still not sure. I have a different model #,it is 110.96274100, a Kenmore.**

Both dryers had a problem with the resistor...

resistor 279872

This is the new replacement...

Burnt resistor...

burnt resistor

Location in the consol on the Kenmore 110.96274100 model

console 110.96274100

Wiring diagram for that 110.96274100 model

110.96274100 wiring diagram

Reference models 110.96281100 & 110.96274100

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