Whirlpool Seal and Impeller Replacement

One style of an Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Inglis motor shaft seal and drain impeller replacement....

To install shaft seal and impeller kit, it is NOT necessary to remove the motor and pump assembly from the dishwasher. Pump disassembly procedures are outlined below:

  1. Run one or two cancel/drain cycles to remove water from the tank.
  2. disconnect power or unplug dishwasher.
  3. Remove lower rack, wash arm, fine strainer, and large items trap.
  4. remove 4 retaining screws (1) and lift off wash pump top (2).
  5. Remove wash pump impeller retaining screw (3), lock washer (4), spring washer (5), key washer (6), O ring (7), impeller (8) and wash pump body (9).
  6. Remove 5 screws (10) from the fine strainer seat (11). Take out strainer seat and remove 1 screw (12) from disposer/drain pump top (13). Lift out disposer/drain pump top and gasket.
  7. Remove any remaining water in drain pump cavity with paper towel or sponge.
  8. Lift out drain impeller and seal assembly (14). Remove shim washer(s) that may be on the motor shaft. See Figure 2.
  9. Remove ceramic seal assembly (16) from motor mounting plate. Pry seal from plate with small screwdriver blade. NOTE: Do not damage motor mounting plate.
Whirlpool Seal and impeller disassembly

To put back together:

  1. Slide the .010" thick shim washer over the motor shaft. Check shaft height using "T" (touch) end of the gauge supplied. See Figure 2. The step on the gauge should touch the top of the shim washer. Add or remove shims as needed.

    NOTE: Must use at least one .010 thick shim washer. Using "C" (clear) end of gauge, step on gauge should clear shim washers. See Figure 3. You now have correct shaft height.
  2. Wet, with water only, the new ceramic seal assembly (16) and press into place in the cavity of the mounting plate.
  3. Install disposer pump top gasket and replace disposer pump top (13) with 1 screw (12) at front of motor mounting plate. Install fine strainer seat (11) and replace 5 screws (10).
  4. Replace lower wash pump body (9) with ring in place on motor mounting plate studs. Install new "O" ring (17) in top cavity of drain impeller (14). Replace wash impeller (8) by pushing down into "O" ring. Install screw (3) with lock washer, spring washer, key washer and new "O" ring in place.
  5. Replace wash pump top (2) with new gasket (18) in place on tube. Install 4 screws. Replace the fine strainer, wash arm and lower rack.
  6. Reconnect power or plug in d/w.
  7. Run machine through a test cycle and check for leaks.
Whirlpool Seal and impeller resassembly

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