Appliance Sticker Removal Warning

Caution....warning....beware.....ok, ok you get the picture....

Goo Gone

Goo Gone, 4oz.: Removes grease, gum, stickers, tape, crayons and many other types of adhesive. Citrus power. Can also be used on laundry stains

I did a service call for an Amana Bottom freezer fridge. It had a sticker on the inside wall of the fresh food section that the customer wanted to remove....the sticker showed the size, features, etc of the fridge. She called Amana and asked what to us on this sticker to remove it. Amana told her to buy some GooGone. She goes to HomeDepot and they tell her that they have something -"just like"- GooGone....called "The Super DeGooper".

She buys and uses this product ( came in a can ) on the sticker inside the refrigerator and it actually ate/melted/blistered the plastic liner inside the fridge.

I checked the fridge operations and liner....looks like a bad skin burn on the inside of the fridge....rough, bubbled and no longer smooth.

I have used GooGone before, on stickers and glue and never had a problem like this "The Super DeGooper" did!!

Thought you might want to know!

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