Ceran Glass Cooktop Cleaning

Many tips on caring for your Ceran glass cook top....

Congratulations! The design of the cooking appliance you have purchased has been thoroughly evaluated in test kitchens and then manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Because the glass-ceramic cook top differs from the other cooking surfaces, we would like to share with you some important information about the use and the care of your appliance.

Its normal to see the element glow red then darken while cooking at settings below High. This cycling on and off is used to maintain your selected control setting. Cycling when the selector is set on High is due to poor transfer of heat to cookware that is not flat.

Use an recommended cleaning cream and a razor scraper, two key ingredients for easy care of your new cooking surface. Other cleaners contain chemicals that mat damage the cook top. Use only a recommended cleaning cream, such as Cerama Brite or Cook top Cleaning Cream for proper cleaning and protection of your ceramic surface.

Cook top cleaner

Please follow these instructions for easy and maintenance:

Normal, light soil

  1. Clean cool surface with cleaning cream after each use. Rub a small amount onto the soiled area using a damp paper towel. Wipe until all soil and cream are removed.
  2. Frequent cleaning leaves a protective coating which is essential in preventing scratches and abrasions.

Heavy, burned-on soil

  1. Apply a few drops of cleaning cream to the cool, soiled area.
  2. Using a damp paper towel, rub cream onto the burned-on area.
  3. Carefully scrape remaining soil with the enclosed razor scraper. Hold scraper at a 30 degree angle against the ceramic surface. Store razor scraper out of reach of children.
  4. If any soil remains, repeat steps listed above.

Our testing shows that proper cookware affects the cooking performance and the cleaning of the glass-ceramic surface. Choose pots and pans that are flat on the bottom and large enough to cover the entire cooking zone used. Also, if you are cooking high sugar mixtures such as jelly or fudge and have a spill over, permanent damage to the cook top surface may occur unless spillover is immediately removed.

Other Ceran cleaners you may want to try....


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Oven cleaning kit, includes (1) expanding sponge, (1) scrubbing sponge, (1) scraper

Scrap tool

Razor blade scraper tool, the scraper assists in removing burned-on food from glass and ceramic cooktops

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