Electric Range New Style Coil Surface Elements

Your cooking product includes a new generation of electric coil element. This electric coil element design follows/supports a change made to the UL Standards for Household Electric Ranges related to cooktop surface temperature detection. If ordering replacement electric elements, you must refer to the parts catalog to obtain the correct part number for the electric coil element that was designed to function with the specific model that was purchased.

Temperature limiting coils: The coil element will turn off when the pan reaches the maximum temperature in accordance with UL 858 60A.

Starting in 2018, UL regulation requires all coil top ranges to have temperature limiting capabilities to reduce the risk of cooktop oil and grease fires. As a result, our electric coil burners now use Sensi-Temp Technology. Each burner with this technology has a silver medallion with a button (sensor) in the centre of the coil. This button must contact the bottom of the cookware for the Sensi-Temp Technology to sense the temperature properly. When the sensor detects a pan temperature near the limit (450F), the burner will shut off automatically until a lower, safe pan temperature is reached. At that point, heat will resume to the burner. This will not affect everyday cooking, as automatic shut-off is temporary and only happens at very high temperatures.

Heating element Heating element

Whirlpool has seen fit to create a new coil surface element of their own version. You can see them in action at this link here.

Coil elements on new electric and free standing ranges have changed starting in June 2018. Ranges and cooktops using this type of burner are now equipped with temperature-limiting coils. This change is due to updated UL (Underwriters Laboratory) standards. This change will be standard for all brands and for all replacement parts as well. The element outer coils will remain on all the time, but may appear to not "glow" as strongly as your previous element. The inner coil will cycle on and off and glow red when it is cycling on. It will glow, then turn off and on, as the burner is being used. This is normal operation.

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