Getting Your Home Move-In Ready for a Senior Relative

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Bringing a senior loved one home to live with you is a cherished occasion. But it also requires a fair bit of planning to get your home move-in ready to accommodate their aging needs. Here are some tips on how to make your home more welcoming (and accessible) for when that time finally arrives.

Remodeling key areas within your home

Of course, when it comes to remodeling to cater for your senior loved ones better, key areas in the home that should be focused on include the bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms should be made to move around safely (especially when there are wet and slippery surfaces involved). This might mean installing extra rails around the bath and in the shower. And placing non-slip mats on surfaces where water might accumulate.

Improve visibility through better lighting

Ample lighting is necessary for seniors that have to navigate their way through unfamiliar territory. So if your lighting needs replacing, or perhaps you need additional lighting in dimmer areas such as hallways, pantries, or even on the outside of your property, then this is definitely a task worth completing for safety's sake.

Managing the hurdle of steps

If your home has many steps, this could be a challenge for seniors to overcome. Installing ramps and handrails are a great idea here, as it will give them the extra stability they need to make their way around your home safely.

Out with the old

Perhaps you feel that your home is in need of some decluttering so that you can make space for your loved one's arrival. More specifically, if it's your basement that requires the most attention and is the ideal move-in space for your relative, then giving this area a thorough inspection is the best way to go. Furthermore, you'll want to pay specific attention to the flooring of your basement and whether it requires recarpeting or not. Here, a contractor can advise you on the best way forward, as you'll want to ensure that subfloor installation is included to prevent mold.

You might also want to do your own research when it comes to doing the job yourself, versus outsourcing the job to an external contractor. Opting for using the services of a contractor, on the other hand, can save you time, energy, and resources by ensuring the task is done properly and is of high quality because it is done by professionals who are skilled in this area.

Less is more

When it comes to preparing your home better for your loved one's arrival, it's always a good idea to clear up space around the home by decluttering and reorganizing cluttered spaces within your home to make it more accessible and more senior-friendly. You might want to consider removing rugs that don't have good grip, clearing away extension cords that may be sprawled along the floor, and clearing away old furniture to create more space for seniors to move around in.

Prepare for emergencies

In case of emergencies, and especially fire hazards, checking that your carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly is also vital. Ideally, this should be done periodically, not forgetting to check the batteries too.

In summary, getting your home ready for your senior loved ones' arrival does require much preparation. But your efforts are sure to be worth it to ensure that the moving process is a memorable one for both of you.

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