Neptune Washer Repair Tips

Neptune repair tips and motor ohm test....

My washer will start when I push the start button, but a few seconds later, it will shut off or shuts off during the cycle.

  1. The washer quits just after I release the start button
  2. To ohm test the older style motor

There are 4 common trouble makers to consider.

One is the door switch, it can open circuit and stop the washer.

For some reason Maytag has seen fit to discontinue the lock and latch as a complete assembly and will only sell it as individual parts new.

Second is water pressure. If the water pressure is low/poor, the washer will start to fill and then shut off. Check and clean the fill valve entrance screens and also check for any washer screens on either end of the fill hoses. There is a low water pressure fill jumper kit assembly part# 12001482. To see info on the 12001482 link kit check it out here.

The third is possibly the most common trouble maker for this type of a complaint. The fuse blows on the motor control board. This board can be found on the front bottom on the right side. Take apart info. The motor control board must be replaced when the fuse has blown. Most times now the motor control board is replaced with a motor kit - the motor kit:

motor and control module 12002039

Motor/control conversion kit, Neptune washer

The fourth is a bad start switch, sometimes the contacts in the start switch will arc and burn causing starting up problems.

switch 22002787

Start/Stop switch, white

switch 22002560

Switch, push to start white

To ohm test the original style motor windings....

  1. Set your meter to the Rx1 scale
  2. Blue to Black measure 2-3 ohms
  3. White to Red measure 2-3 ohms
  4. Orange to Yellow measure 2-3 ohms

There should be no continuity between any of the terminals and the frame of the motor.

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