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Oven door and door hinge help....

Oven door and door hinge help: There are There are way too many different types of hinges to talk about them all, but I have chosen a few of the common ones that I see. I have 2 pictures of some common hinges, here and here. One common question is how do I get the oven door off or back on. Most hinges can be put into two different categories, ones that stay on the range and ones that come off with the door.

Some range doors can be opened to the broil position and then lift up on the door to remove the door from the hinges. Many gas ranges are like this and a lot of the electric ones have gone this route as well. One of the most common hinge in the one that comes off with the door.

One of the most common hinge is this one.....To remove the door, open the door to the broil position. Don't use the handle to remove the door, grab hold of the door itself. Lift slightly and with your hands pull out on the door...the lifting gets the hinges out of the keepers and pulling out will dislodge the door hinges from there holders. This picture should help you out. Manual clean doors are easier to remove than self clean doors because sometimes a metal clip is added to the hold the hinge in place on the self clean doors. The screw and bracket have to be removed to remove the door and hinges. The metal clip bracket has to be reinstalled once the door is put back on. To reinstall the common hinge, just do the opposite, start the hinge blade in the receiver, lift slightly on the door and with your knees push the door and hinges back into place.

At our shop, I get at least one phone call a week on these hinges. GE and Frigidaire are two major manufactures that use these hinges. Some of the newer GE oven doors can be lifted off and the hinges will stay on the range and most of the Frigidaire oven door hinges come off with the door. One thing most people forget about these hinges is that there is a clip that must be moved to hold the upper (A) and lower (B) parts of the hinge together. Once the door is put back on, the clip must be put back in the rest position. To reinstall the door, put the door at a 80degree angle to the range front, push in the larger upper hinge parts first and then lower in the smaller hinge parts, push the clips forward into the rest position and close the door.

On this style of hinge, one common problem is the hinge will sometimes "pop" forward against the range instead of staying still while you reinstall the door onto the hinges. If this happens, use a screw driver at the marked spot to help hold the hinge open so you can start the door onto the hinge, them remove the screwdriver to finish installing the door.

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