Water Reservoir Help

We have heard ( from forum comments ) a number of complaints recently that the chemicals used in water treatment facilities are causing the material the water reservoirs are made from to break down and particles appearing as white flakes in the dispensed water. In that case, replacing the reservoir is usually necessary.

Water contamination cases have made it necessary for treatment plants to improve the water quality.

Most manufacturers originally used a molded plastic water reservoir which is what seems to be breaking down. Many fridge manufacturers are now selling a coil of plastic tubing (like used in the rest of the water system) in place of the molded plastic reservoir. You can see some of the replacement kits at the following link:

water tank tubing WP2256126

Whirlpool fridge water reservoir replacement kit

water tank conversion kit 5303918258

Frigidaire water reservoir replacement kit


Maytag water reservoir tube kit

GE is still using an older style molded plastic water reservoir rather than the coiled tubing like so many of the other manufactures have gone to.


General Electric fridge water reservoir

Where is my water reservoir?

Usually behind the crispers in the fresh food section....more help below if needed.

Refrigerator water reservoir replacement help 1

Refrigerator water reservoir replacement help 2

Refrigerator water reservoir replacement help 3

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