Whirlpool Refrigerator Tubing

On a Whirlpool fridge the decorative cover can be removed from the dispenser by a screwdriver in those slots on the bottom and GENTLY prying the cover out to loosen. Double-sided tape is what you are going against.

As far as swapping out the tubing from in the door. When working for a Whirlpool dealer doing warranty work, ran across a bad-taste in the water fridge. I was told by Whirlpool tech support it was caused by defective tubing . If you remove the fridge toe-plate , notice where the cabinet tubing and door tubing are coupled together. On the cabinet tubing side the tubing was nice and clear looking. On the door side of the coupling it was brown and discolored.

So how to switch out the tubing? Grab your full model# and ordered spout kit, the spout is glued onto the tubing. Remove door from fridge, disconnect tubing at coupling, unplug wires etc. Remove screws holding spout in dispenser. Pull spout up and out of dispenser a few inches, you will have a few inches to work with on the bottom end.

Ok time for hardware store trip. To a good one . Buy yourself what I guess I would call a double-thread wood screw. What comes to mind is a screw you would attach a chair leg with, see attached picture.

Screw the wood screw carefully into the old tubing at the dispenser end where you have snipped off the spigot. Screw the other end into the end on the new one on the end OPPOSITE the new spigot. A little WD40 might help at this point where you have to make the turn going down into the door.

CAREFULLY pull the old tubing down from the door bottom, pulling the new tubing into the door. When the wood screw starts to enter you might have to work it carefully in to make the turn. Slowly pull it through. On some models I have had to remove the hinge plate on the door bottom as the wood screw would not fit though. When you get to the end , re-attach the new spigot where the old one was. Put coupling on the just pulled though end and remount the door. I have done this 3-4 times and it always works but it is a pain. Take your time.

An article written by our friend Fyxxez....Thankx!!

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