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Some common repair info on testing this type of a problem. Did the water and ice stop dispensing at the same time?...if yes, look for things that are common to both. Door safety switch, broken wire.

Ice dispenser only has quit. How some work....putting a glass against the glass pad pushes on a micro switch that sends power to the dispenser motor inside the freezer. The ice cube flapper door opens for the ice to go through the door. The dispenser motor inside the freezer turns the dispenser bucket arm to pull the ice forward in the bucket towards the door ice cube opening. The ice falls through the door flapper opening into the glass.

Things that can happen:

  • micro switch broken
  • dispenser motor bad
  • dispenser motor is frozen
    ( thaw with hair drier, careful of any plastic or foam parts! )
  • loose wire on the dispenser
  • broken wire
  • some incorporate an electronic board that sends the power to the motor inside the freezer.
ice dispenser

There is an option to select cubed or crushed ice, the problem is, only crushed ice is being dispensed, even when the cubed ice selection is made. Everything else works just fine. This particular refrigerator was about 2 years old.

There should be a solenoid behind the ice bucket ( see picture above ) that moves an metal arm on the ice bucket to move the crush teeth away for cubes or keeps the crush teeth in place for crushed cubes. Bad solenoid, bad wire at the solenoid, broken solenoid/mechanism piece, bent arm, no power from dispenser to the solenoid are -some- possible trouble makers.

Reference Model GSS25JFMC

Problem: The ice chute flap is hanging open, It is the solenoid for the ice flap; the armature was rusted and sticking.

Help: This is an electronic frig made in the last couple of years, moisture between the inner door liner and outer door caused the rusting of the solenoid. If you press on the liner just below the chute and hear ice crunching the door needs rebuilding with part # WR49X10086 which includes the solenoid and instructions. Takes about 1-2 hrs. Some take apart helps, bottom section of this page here.

Ice Maker Repair Parts

Water filters for GE, Whirlpool, Electrolux/Frigidaire, Maytag, Amana refrigerators.

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